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The Egyptian Association for Protection of Industrial Property (AEPPI) is a non-governmental association constituted by a group of patent attorneys, trademark agents, lawyers, university professors and industrialists. It was founded in 1991 by 20 people and has now over a 100 members.

The Egyptian Association joined the International Association for Protection of Industrial Property (AIPPI) in 1992. Since then, the Egyptian Group has been very active with AIPPI, attending all AIPPI events and replying as timely as possible to its questionnaires.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Association has organized the first AIPPI International Symposium in Egypt entitled:Challenges in Intellectual Property Protection: International & Arab World perspectives (Oct. 21-23, 1997). This Symposium was attended by 120 AIPPI Members and representatives of WIPO and WTO.

The President of the Egyptian Association Mrs.Hoda A.Serageldine has been elected as Chairwoman of the Nominating Committee of AIPPI, in AIPPI Melbourne Congress (March 2001).

AEPPI has also actively participated in WIPO National & Regional Seminars to study various aspects of intellectual property protection, focusing on the specific problems related to IPR's protection in developing countries like Egypt.

AEPPI organizes regular meetings for its members for its members to discuss recent developments in the field of intellectual property protection and their impact on national legislations. Namely: the P.C.T., Competition and Anti-Trust Law, E.Commerce, Conflicts between trademarks and domain names, Electronical signature.

Special Committees are constituted in order to draft reports and present the views and comments of the Association to the Egyptian Authorities and other parties concerned by these legislative changes.

ARTICLES OF THE STATUTE For The Egyptian Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.
Registered under no. 1028 on 3/5/2003 at the Social Affairs DepartmentAccording to the law no. 84 of the year 2002 concerning the National Associations and Assemblies At the administration of Agouza for the social affairs Address of Premises of the Association : Building 61, Apartment 607, AI Aalam - AI AgouzaActivities of the Association : The object of the Association is to work in the field of Cultural& scientific activities


Chapter One
Name, type, field of activities, field of geographical business and administrative center of the Association

Article 1

On this day __/__/200__, convened the Extra Ordinary General Meeting of The Egyptian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property with address at Building 61, Apartment 607, AI Aalam - AI Agouza, approved the reregistering of the Association and amending the statute thereof to be as follows:

Its duration: Not determined.

Article 2

The type and field of activities of the Association is: Cultural& scientific activities


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Chapter two
Financial issues

Article 6

Revenues of the Association and its exploitation

First: Revenues of the Association consist of:
a) Subscription of members.
b) Donations, grants, testaments, gifts and contributions.
c) Governmental subsidies.
d) Any other revenues approved by the Board of Directors, according to the stipulations of article (17) of the law and article (60) of the executive regulation.
e) Revenue of making charitable markets, exhibitions and sports games.
f) The revenue of investing its funds or from its productive or services projects.
Second: The fiscal year of the Association begins on the first day of January and ends on the 31st day of December of each year.
Third: The Association funds are deposited by its notarized name in the Egyptian American bank (Al Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz branch).
Fourth: The disbursement of any amount from the Association's funds should be authorized by the Treasurer and the president of the Association, or whoever acts on his behalf.

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Chapter Three

Article 14

The member of the Association should satisfy the following

1. He should be of good conduct and behavior.
2. With a college degree, experienced and age above 25 years old.
3. To submit an application for membership of the Association accompanied by a membership fee of EGP 100. The application shall indicate his name, surname, age, nationality, residence address, profession and mode of payment of his subscription. The payment of the fees does not grant the applicant any rights before the acceptance of the member by a resolution issued by the board of directors.
4. His field of practice is related to the Association’s activity, within the range or assisting thereof.
5. Permissible in case being a juridical person, employer, owner of an office, establishment or plant.
6. Not represented in the general assembly with a percentage exceeding 5% of the regular members in the assembly – one establishment.

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Chapter Four
Organizations representing the Association and the attributes of each
First: The General Assembly


Article 20


The General Assembly is comprised of all founders and regular members who paid-up their dues according to the statute of the Association, and who kept their membership status for 12 month/year (at least six months), and has performed all their obligations.

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Chapter Five
Dissolution of the Association

Article 44

If the board sees that the Association is no longer capable of fulfilling its objectives, it may request an extraordinary meeting of the general assembly to be held, and attach the report to the invitation to be discussed by the extraordinary general meeting and issue the appropriate decision whether to dissolute the company or merge it in another company working in the same field.

If the extraordinary general assembly decided to dissolve the company, it shall issue a decree, including the dissolution order, nomination of a liquidator or more, and determine the dissolution period and the fees of the liquidator and inform the competent administrative authority and union.

If the extraordinary general assembly decided to merge the Association in another, it shall inform the administrative authority, to issue the appropriate decision after obtaining the approval of the other Association in which this Association wishes to be merged.




President : Hoda A. Serageldine
Vice-Presidents : Nader N. Riad

Samir M. Hamza
Secretary : Ahmed M.G. Abou Ali
Treasurer : Tarek Abou Ragab
Vocal/Members: Hoda A. Abdel Hadi

Ahmad M. R. El-Hakim

Nadia S. Haroun haroun

Reda-Allah M. Helmi

M. Hossam M. Loutfi
Magda F. Saad

Negad M. Shaarawi
Mohamed S. Zaki

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