Article 3

Purpose of the Association:
1) Encouragement of scientific research and studies in the field of industrial and intellectual property and organization of conferences, seminars, symposiums, preparing and publishing compositions, studies and researches in this field.

2) Protection of intellectual creations and creators.

3) Developing the importance of the international protection for Industrial and Intellectual property, including inventions, trade marks, designs and drawings and industrial models, trade names, intellectual property, artistic compositions, requirements of computers including software and database, the need of protecting such rights from imitation and illegal competition.

4) Developing and improving activities of activities regarding the Industrial and Intellectual property nationally and internationally by all means including cooperation with the concerned national, regional and international associations and authorities and through exchanging of publications, studies and researches. Also, holding training programs for those concerned with the activities of Industrial and Intellectual property protection in Egypt and abroad.
5) Encouragement of those working in the fields of industry, commerce, research, development, innovations and inventions to benefit from local and international laws and legislations of industrial property to protect the elements of industrial property including inventions, industrial and trade marks, drawings, designs and industrial models, trade names and intellectual property, compositions, imitation and illegal competition …..etc. enhancing them for registering their inventions for the reinforcement of the role of production, commerce research and development sector in the transfer and development of national technology aimed at the attenuation of imitation, and illegal competition, and increasing the national participation in the field of industrial and technological development and increasing the national negotiation ability in the technology transfer agreements and licenses.

6) Publication of Publication of circulars, magazines and periodicals in accordance with the objectives of the Association and exchanging them with societies, associations and organizations of similar objectives

7) Submitting researches, studies and recommendations in order to develop the legislations of protecting the Intellectual Property.

Submitting researches, studies and recommendations for increasing the range of implementing international conventions related to intellectual property protection especially the culturing and enlightenment for increasing the range of implementing the Paris Treaty and its amendments, cooperation with international and regional Associations and organizations concerned with similar importance in such concern.
Activities shall be performed pursuant to article 48 of the executive regulation.

Article 4

Boundaries of its geographical activities
In the whole republic
Address of the Administrative Center: Giza Governorate, Building no. 61 El Aalam Apartment 607,– Agouza.
Branches: No branches

Article 5

It is agreed not to practice any of the activities included in items 1, 2, 3 and 4 of article (11) of the law, and also not to inter into fiscal speculations.      

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