Article 7

1. The Association's funds are allocated for expenses relevant basically to the Association's objectives.

2. The Association may own real estate, to enable it to achieve its targets, provided that it obtains the approval of the general          assembly prior to its ownership, or by its admission in the first meeting following this date.

3. The Association may invest its surplus revenues in secured investment channels to guarantee a fixed income, or to reinvest it in its productive and services projects. (In accordance with article 59 of the executive regulation)

Article 8


The members of the Association are hired in the following manner:

1. Employment in accordance with the provisions of labor law 137 of 1981.
2. To request the delegation of any of the civil employees in the country in accordance with article (12) of the law.
3. Any volunteer of the Association’s members or otherwise to perform any of the Association’s work.

Article 9


At the dissolution of the Association, whether by liquidation (voluntarily or administratively) or the expiry of its duration determined in article (1) hereunder if not renewed, its funds shall be transferred to any of the following entities:

1.The National Associations and Institutions allowances fund.

Article 10


The Association shall keep all the documents, registers and correspondences in its administrative center. These registers shall be sealed from the administrative authority before its usage.

Every member may review these registers and documents in accordance with article 62 of the executive regulation.

Article 11


The accounts of the Association shall be recorded in books indicating the details of the expenses, revenues and donations and the source thereof, in accordance with the forms attached to the executive regulation of the law no. 84 of 2002.

If the expenses and revenues exceed EGP twenty thousand, the final statement shall be reviewed by one of the audits registered at the audit’s schedule, attaching all the supporting documents to be investigated, and submit a report at least a month prior to the date of the general assembly.

Article 12


The amendment of any of the provisions of this statute shall be made by a decision of the extra ordinary general assembly. The amendment shall be sent to the administrative authority to be recorded in the registry of the articles of Association brief.

Article 13


The assembly may perform its activities through its branches; it may also perform any of its activities out of the scope of the governorate where its administrative center is. In this case it shall be subject to article 48 (4) of the executive regulation in performing its activities.

If it established a branch or branches in the governorate where its administrative center lies or in any other governorate, this branch shall follow the instructions of the Association in all its actions, activities and management as it is considered an extension thereof.

The branch shall not violate any instructions or guidelines of the Association.

The branch has the right to be represented in the board’s membership in the percentage determined by the general assembly and according to the volume of activities of the branch.

After obtaining the approval of the general assembly, the board may issue a decree including the regulation of the branch indicating:

1.  Its location.
2. Type of activity performed.
3. The geographic boundaries in which it performs its activities.
4. The fiscal allocations of the branch.
5. The permanent sources for financing the branch.
6. Who administers the branch, the manner of his/their nomination.
7.The relation between the membership of the assembly and the membership of the branch.
8.The duration of the branch, if it was to a limited duration.
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