Article 15

Membership is comprised of regular, affiliated and honorary.

a) Regular member: is the member who participated in the establishment of the Association since its incorporation, or who applied for membership satisfying all conditions of membership and his application was accepted by the Board of Directors and has the right to attend the general assembly and election for his membership to the Board of Directors. It is not allowed to accept membership of more than five regular members working for the same place. He shall be recommended by three regular members of the Association.

b) Affiliated member: is the member who does not satisfy all the conditions of full membership, and the board accepts him as an affiliated member. He enjoys all the rights and obligations of the regular member, except for the right to attend the general assembly or be elected for membership of the board of directors.

c) Honorary member: is the person who presents favorable services to the Association, whether financial or intangible. He does not have the right to attend the general assembly or be elected for membership of the board of directors.

Article 16


The annul membership subscription for the regular member is EGP 250 payable annually, according to the request of the member. The subscription of the affiliated member is EGP 125 and that of the affiliated member of the researchers in the field of intellectual property and employees of the governmental entities working in the field of intellectual property is EGP 50 and honorable membership shall have no subscription. In all cases the annual subscription shall be paid before the end of the fiscal year of the Association. In case a member joins the Association during the fiscal year, he shall not pay except for the dues corresponding to the remaining period of the fiscal year.

Article 17

Membership is dropped in the following cases:

1. Withdrawal or resignation, and the member shall notify the assembly by a registered letter with acknowledgment receipt. This shall not prevent the Association from requesting any due amounts or debt of the member.
2. Death.
3. Loss of a condition of membership.
4. Dismissal or dropping from the membership of the Association:
    a) if he acts in a way unfavorable to the Association financially or morally.
    b) if he uses his membership of the Association for personal reasons.
5. Failure of payment of membership subscription for a whole year, provided that he is informed with a registered letter with acknowledgment receipt during four months following the payment date.

Loss of membership shall occur pursuant to a decision of the board of directors, including the name of the member, reason of losing the membership and the date of losing the membership.

The one whose membership was dropped shall be informed within fifteen days starting from the date of issue of the decree of dropping the membership by a registered mail, attaching a copy of the above mentioned decree of the board.

Article 18

Re-establishment of membership status may be granted to members who lost their membership due to failure of payment of their dues in a particular year if they pay such dues.

Article 19


Neither the member, whoever lost his membership for any reason nor heirs of a deceased member shall have the right to refund membership fees, subscription, gifts, donations paid to the Association and shall have no rights in the Association monies.

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