The Board of Directors held seven (7) meetings during the year ending December 31, 2004 in which the Board discussed all matters related to the association's activities and its role in activating the protection of intellectual property and contacting the governmental bodies supervising the departments in relation with the association's activities. The Board further attended to the updating of the association's web site.

General Assembly Meetings :
Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
The Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the association for the year ending 2003 was held pursuant to Law 82 of 2002 and its executive regulation and the association's statutes.

Extra Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
An Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the association was held to approve the transformation of the Association into to a national association undertaking its activities in the whole geographical area of Egypt and amending the subscription fees.
Conferences and Local Seminars :
The Association held a seminar for its members on 13/1/2004 at the Conrad Hotel to discuss and exchange opinions regarding the legal and administrative obstacles facing those competent with applying the law 82 of 2002 after a year and half of its enforcement and the executive regulation issue (except for the part of copyright). A committee was formed from the members of the Board of Directors along with the Association members to prepare a memorandum including a summary of the members' opinions to be submitted to the competent bodies.

After the holding of the Ordinary and the Extra Ordinary General Meetings, the Association held a meeting on May 17, 2004 at the Conrad Hotel in which Mr. Youssef Murad, General Secretary of the (TRIPS) Contact Point Organization For the Protection of Intellectual Property, regarding the role of this Organization to which the chairperson of the Association was added as a member pursuant to the Ministerial Decree No. 545 of 2003.

The Association held a seminar for its members on December 12, 2004 in which it hosted Ambassador/ Gamal Bayoumi who spoke about the coming challenges at the beginning of 2005 regarding globalization, FTA's, regional And international integrations. The Association also hosted Mr. Mustafa Abdel Ghaffar, Head of the Trademark Registry, who spoke about the current and future plans for development and modernization of the Department. Speeches were followed by a discussion in which the Association members exchanged opinions about the issues brought in that meeting.
International Conferences and Seminars :
The Board and some of the Association members attended several international
conferences and seminars such as the Congress of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) held in Geneva from June 20, 2004 until June 24, 2004. The Congress was attended by three of the Board members: Mrs. Hoda Serageldine, President of the Egyptian Nation al Group, Mrs. Hoda Abdel Hadi, Mrs. Magda Saad and five members of the Association: Mr. Sami Tuqan, Mr. Hesham El-Dib, Mr. Amr El-Dib, Mr. Ragai El Dekki and Mr. Amr Kershah.

As of October 2004, the Board started preparing and arranging for an international conference to be held on April 2005 in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Administrative, scientific and social activities groups were formed in order to prepare for the conference.
Researches and Scientific Reports :
The Association responded to questions received from the committees of the
International Association for Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). These are:
Q 94 (Implementation of Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on TRIPs and Public Health).
Q 170 (Questions on Substantive Patent Law Treaty).
Q 186 (Questionnaire on Punitive Damages).
Q 187 (Limitations on exclusive IP Rights by Competition Law).
Q 170 (Questions on Substantive Patent Law Treaty).
Q 186 (Questionnaire on Punitive Damages).
Q 187 (Limitations on exclusive IP Rights by Competition Law).
The Board formed sub-committees to examine the raised questions and to send the relevant reports to the AIPPI. Mrs. Hoda Serageldine, Mrs. Hoda Abdel Hadi, Mrs. Nadia Haroun, Mrs. Magda Saad, Prof. Dr. Hossam Loutfi, Mr. Samir Hamza and Mr. Ahmed Abou Ali have prepared together those reports.
Meetings with Official and Governmental Bodies :
Two meetings were held with his Excellency Dr. Hassan Khedr, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade in the attendance of Mr. Mustafa Abdel Ghaffar, Head of the Trademark Registry: on October 20, 2004 and November 22, 2004 to discuss the problems and obstacles facing members and those working in the field of Trademarks. Discussions concentrated on the upgrading of the governmental bodies working in this field. These meetings continued until the beginning of 2005 when the working system within the Trademark Department began improving.

A meeting was held with Dr. Fawzi El-Refaei, Head of the Academy of Scientific Research (the Patent Office), on October 23, 2004 to discuss the new system implemented at the Patent Office for applying the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in Egypt.
Membership :
The Association accepted six (6) new members during 2004. The total membership of the Association reached at the end of 2004 one hundred
eight (108) members, including: 94 active members (55 of them are also members of AIPPI) and 14 affiliated members.

Secretary of the Association                         President of the Association
Ahmad Abou Ali                                                Hoda A. Serageldine

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